Thursday, June 14, 2007

Claymation Portfolio Requirements

Check out our projects here!
Cover Letter outline

  1. Introduction: What is claymation? Why might we want to use claymation instead of live action filming?
  2. Preparation for production
  3. Production steps
  4. Evaluation and final editing
  5. Conclusion:Your opinion of the project and what you gained from doing it.
Portfolio Checklist
  1. Coverletter
  2. Original DIY Narrative Procedure document
  3. Peer review sheet
  4. Final draft of DIY document
  5. Teacher graded rubric sheet for DIY document
  6. Storyboard for movie
  7. Shooting script for movie
  8. Teacher graded claymation rubric sheet

Monday, April 30, 2007

Claymation pre-production requirements

I, Ms. Dryg, will be adding documents to this list as we go along.

  1. rough draft of narrative procedure from google docs
  2. peer review response sheet, filled in by a peer
  3. revised(perfected) narrative procedure from google docs
  4. story board
  5. shooting script

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Project #10: Making a clay animation DIY move!

Design and make a CLAYMATION video production of your DIY narrative document. The duration of the show should be 5 minutes or less.

Carefully plan the production using a storyboard with shooting script.

Ensure details are finalized regarding the :

  • script - including sound effects, and lead in/credit music
  • characters, mini-you, to present the show and maybe a cohost...your partner?
  • sound recording if any
  • props and set design

Create the required equipment, props etc. using folded paper, cardboard, marker drawings and clay

Test to ensure equipment is fully functional. Shoot the film / video footage. Evaluate results and reshoot if necessary. Edit to eliminate errors and create the desired effects eg. changes in pace, shot sequence. Add music and sound effects. Screen and enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Peer review, portfolio document

Now that you have:
Participated, Produced, and Perfected you will need to get feedback from a classmate before you Publish.
See Peer Review form HERE
Find someone to read your paper and provide you with comments that you may need to make your document stronger.
Once you have given and received this feedback, and made final changes to your document you will be ready to move to the claymation planning stage!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Assignment #9; "DIY", The Narrative Procedure

"Do It Yourself!" You will teach others to Do It Themselves!
You will pick a project or activity that you would like to teach someone else to do. You will write and present the procedure digitally. This document will be written in "google docs" so that you can work on it from any computer that has internet access.
So step one is to sign up for "google docs" and start composing your project. For new google users go HERE:
The filename of your document is "yournameDIY.doc"
The outline for your project is as follows:
1. Introduction; engage your audience
2. Materials checklist
3. Explain the process chronologically;
  • at least 4 steps with transitional language
  • identify potential problems that may arise along the way
4. Conclusion; re-engages the audience

Click HERE to see Rubrics for this project to see if you meet all requirements!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Assignment #8: PLS cyber bullying

We have been seeing reports about Cyber-bullying on Channel One this week. Please post your thoughts in the PLS and see who else in the community can relate to your post? Remember to enter at least three keywords! i.e. cyber, bully, Internet, crime, ...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Assignment #7: Haiku Poetry

April is Poetry month, so we will be ready when it arrives! We will create beautiful Haiku poetry to publish in the first WJPS book of poetry!
Each of you will create and revise 3 Haiku poems and 3 art compositions to communicate your words in visual form also.
Click HERE to see the rubric for our Haiku project.
Here are some poetry resources, of course you can go to wikipedia and look up Haiku too: